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An investigation into the meeting of minds, my minds.

Month: April, 2014

The Introvert, The Sister, The Friend.

I respect you in your solitude, at which others might frown.

You walk the path of lonely books with your anxious crown.

But this crown shines golden, as does your precious mind.

So too your silence bears witness to the daily grind.

This poem tells of being a friend, so honest and so true.

All I know is that I could never ask for a better sister than you.

For where would I find a soul, in its placid, shining shell?

Ready to take my hand, to whom anything I could tell.

The answer is I couldn’t, not one who doesn’t pretend.

So I write this ode to you; the introvert, my sister, my friend.


Drowning in Love, a Haiku.


The sea of love rises,

Creeping into your throat now.

Soon you’ll be asleep.

My sister’s birthday

The Sibling, 

The one who hears your thoughts and dreams,

The one who gives you love with a look, who sees the seams 

of your being when they unravel, and sews them right back up.


The Sibling,

The one who gifts without expectation.

The one who is there no matter the time and day,

the time you fall, they do not sway.


The Sibling,

The one I look to in times of need.

The one I hope would do the same,

the one who makes me smile and laugh,

with her beautiful mind there lies no blame. 


To you my sibling, with all my love.