Objectively optional opinions.

An investigation into the meeting of minds, my minds.

Month: February, 2014

A smile.

A smile has the power, to elate, to maim, to crush.

A smile has the power to burn, to save, to blush.

A smile bows only to words, the latter an eagle, the former a dove.

But my smile for you is pure, no harm, no malice, only love.


Today and it rains

There lies a happiness in this photo that I cannot express in words.

It is so pure and clean.


I am in my place,

the one in which I am meant to be.

I am in my place,

I have been placed to do what I am meant to do.

I am in a place,

that holds a thousand possibilities that were meant for me.

I am in a place,

from which which the sky is ever blue.

Placement. The way the world works. 


My place is my place.


I have realised that it takes only one brief encounter with beauty and I am smitten with a rose-tinted world.

When I begin my day with the sunrise, the day that follows is lit as bright as my bedroom in a golden sheen of wonder.

When I meet a beautiful mind, they echo in my head like the sweetest birdsong, inspiring me, leading me onward.

When I see a beautiful face, all those countenances I meet from there after seem to me glowing.


When I witness beauty I feel beautiful, in heart and mind and all my Being. 

Like a yawn that spreads through the room.


Embrace it, for if a day in which we experienced no beauty arrived, we would wish for all those small moments back once again.


Writer’s block

I do not believe in writer’s block. I believe that there are times when you are meant to write and times when you are not.

Those that speak of writers block are not in the wrong place for writing or creating or brainstorming,

but that they are in the place they are meant to be. 

When one accepts that there points in one’s life that do not allow for active creativity, it becomes easier to write when the time comes.

It is a game of patience, in which some people have no need for it, and in which some people must learn.



Do you ever wonder
What we might have done?

I sometimes sit and wonder
And think about the sum,

Of the adventures missed
And the crosses we would share,

I’ve missed the chance now
To show you love and care.

Now today I sit and ponder
Regrets they cloud my mind,

But regretting gets us nowhere
And I find my mind Is blind,

To the future that awaits me
To the life I’ve yet to live,

When all we have are memories
There’s no time for what ifs.

Dark skies

Ominously approaching, with curling fists of grey

Dark skies approaching but no one wants to stay.

No one wants to greet these vaporous clouds in flight,

I see Dionysus’ drunken stupor in every play of light.

To the depth of dark and light my eyes glisten in response,

but the others they just tremble, their eyes all lit askance.