The collective

This is a spoken word piece but I haven’t recorded it yet.¬†Any feedback is welcome and appreciated.

“Part of the collective, I am honoured.

A Connected collective of hermits we collect likes and comments with no meaning.

And how are we connected if not screen to screen? Not face to face, mouth to mouth like the days of old.

The collective is made up of collections of pixels and keys and commercial condescension.

Now we pick and choose based on pictures and collected connections with the high-flying hermits with one thousand friends.

We are the hermit collective, we are the collective of hermits who connect with each other through keyboards and screens with no concept of conversation outside of a PC.

Lonely? No not one bit because I have seventy three connected collective members and I see their green lights like they see mine.

We don’t speak but we watch and wait for ‘Goodnight Facebook’ or other big news.

Well It’s my time to shine because I’ve spent three hours thinking of what the collective want to hear; So I post my status

and not a single ‘like’ collector of the collective likes my collection of painstakingly thought out words that I connected together with precision and time and hope.

But it doesn’t matter,

I am still connected,

I am a part of the collective, and I am honoured.”