Haunted by devils… But at least I can smile.

by Richard Mcallister

So today I found this whilst procrastinating.

I don’t want to turn into that soap-box-corner preacher that people avert their eyes from so as not to get pulled into some weird 1-2-1 Ralph Fiennes staring contest that only ends in you feeling guilty and deflated for being middle class (let’s face it, he has mastered the withering stare)….But hear me out I beg of you.

 I find it disturbing and upsetting how much truth such a simple picture can endow.

Although yes, we seem to be heading for the big one; the TRIPLE dip recession, yes it’s hard to find jobs and yes there is a big possibility that the realistic retirement age will soon be 600+, these are no real excuses for walking about this wonderful earth with a face that reminds one of Britney Spears when she realised she’d done it again.

 This is the moment one instantly feels that an innocent smile at said stranger is perceived as a mocking tribute to their early morning commute after 2 hours sleep, a knowing laughter at their lack of successful sexual conquest or maybe a scornful smirk at the bedroom tax that suddenly looms. Who knows but they what it is that they glean from such a thoughtless kindness as this smile. Please understand that I do not mean to suggest that these problems are not problems, because indeed they are and indeed people affected by such issues have a right to be upset, unhappy and unanimous in their complaint.

 I only mean to suggest that a smile is worn easy, and that if I’d known that (large generalisation ahead) the human race were such miserable specimens, I might have saved myself the trouble in that delivery room and jumped straight back in the bloody womb.